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guy beggs is a painter whose work has been influenced by reflections on the nature of existence and the passage of time, as well as with the formal problems of the painted surface, in themed series since the 1970s. urban isolation was explored through the photo-realist paintings of the 1980s, but this exacting technique and snap-shot view of life constrained a growing desire for a more immediate response to both nature and personal experience.

a chance encounter with the maheno wreck on fraser island, australia proved a catalyst for new approaches to both materials and surface that would also aid increasingly metaphysical concerns. the rusting surface of the hulk of the maheno wreck inspired greater freedom with mark-making in a series that progressively became a metaphor for the australian landscape.

in subsequent journeys the desire to freeze-frame moments gave way to more time-full attempts to understand the nature of existence. the recent fallen leaves series provides both a metaphor for the life cycle of decay and regeneration and a natural example of surface layering. the idea of time-full palimpsests is directly evident in the icons series based on observations of the time-ravaged painted surfaces of icons in the russian museum in st petersburg.

guy beggs was born in durban, south africa in 1947. he studied fine art at maidstone college of art, the royal academy schools, and goldsmiths college, london. he began exhibiting in the late 1960s and has continued to show work in mixed and solo exhibitions at home and abroad ever since.  he is represented by many private and public collections around the world, the nearest being tate britain and the museum of london and the furthest the auckland art gallery, new zealand. he is the founder of metropolitan works creative industries centre in london.